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My housewife was cheating and caught playing with out her Husband. We had been swinging for about 3 years. My cheating housewife really wanted to go alone once and play, but I did not like this idea. We agreed we would always play together, and some 3somes I would start out with my wife and then leave my wife aolne with the guy for a while.

Well I had a hunch that my housewife was wanting to play a lone with this guy she had been chatting too. I had a business trip scheduled and I notice as the closer the date got to my trip she started acting a little strange like something was up.

Well I was right, she left her chat on one night and I read the chat from her and this guy with the day they were planning on meeting while I was out of town.Was my housewife cheating me .no way !!!!!!

Well I made araangements to be in town that day. It was going to happen during the day while the kids were in school. The guy was going to come over to the house. Well That morning I drove back into town waited down the road until she left to take the kids to school. I walked to the house leaving my car parked in a wooded area about a mile behind the house. I had several places to hide in the house so I could get a good view whats going on.

Well my housewife returned from taking the kids to school, this was about 745 am. about 5 mins later someone was knocking at the door. The guy she had been talking too. It was a pretty good plan to start as he pulled up in a home repair truck so the neighbors would not notice.

I could tell my cheating housewife for cheating chats must have been hot, as she opened the door,Actually she is a housewife , he hugged my cheating wife and the door closed behind him then they started kissing. They kissed for several minutes. She had a warm up suite on and nothing under the suite as he unzipped my housewife top and started kissing het 38c tits. They played in the hall for several minutes she was topless then they started into the living room giving me a better view. She pulled his pants off and started sucking him, I could not see his size but was went wild on his dick, and he was loving it. The whole time neither said a word, telling me they got each other very hot in chatting.

after sucking on him I could tell he was about to cum, she hates cum, but this time she did not slow down taking his load and swallowing it all.

He then went to his knees and started eating cheating wife and it did not take very long for my cheating housewife to cum.

he rolled housewife over and started doing housewife doggie style and he was working my cheating housewife pretty good. She was screaming telling him to slow down but he did not listen. He told my cheating housewife he was about to cum, asked my cheating wife where she wanted it she said she did not care, he pulled out and this huge dick just spurted all over my cheating wife back. That was the hottest thing I have seen, and then he stuck that huge dick back in my cheating housewife and started again as she was just taking it all screaming and moaning. a few minutes later she was cumming and just letting out a scream of enjoyment. After she finished cumming she just fell on her bellie and said she needed a break, he she hell no and rolled heover and started fucking her again. He fucked her for over a hour right there on the floor of the living room. She was loving it, telling him harder and harder. I know she enjoyed this huge dick, I am about 7 1/2 and the guy was twice as big as me.

Well they took a break and they were sitting on the couch, they were talking about something and then he made a phone call, as he was talking to who ever on the phone he asked her if housewife still wanted to do it she said yes. He told whoever it was on. Well they went into the shower and played and fucked in there. About 30 min later the door bell rung. she went to the door wrapped in a towel, took a look outside told him they were here, my housewife opened the door and 4 over guys started walking in. I was shocked. He had got his work crew over to fuck my housewife and she was going along. There was two real young guys, one black guy and one older man. They guys stopped and said hello to her then the first guy came over and told them lets have somefun and took of my wife'stowel and the guys started on her, kissing and sucking. all four just doing what they wanted too. I was is a place if they stayed in the living room I could see everything, but if they took her into our room my view would be blocked. They stood in the living room sucking and kising my housewife. Some were fingering her. The guy asked her if my housewife wanted them all at once to start or one on one. She said I would like to fuck them on at a time, and then she said I do not care who is first and went into the Bedroom, I was stuck so I knew I could not see everything. Well my housewife went into the room and the Black gut said he wanted her first, he stripped and went into the room. He dick was pretty big, The guys watched in the door way, as the black guy started fucking her doggie style. He was fucking her pretty hard and for a while before he cummed, as he was finishing the older guy went into the room and fucked my housewife the same way, and she was really getting into it. when he was done one of the younger guys took his turn then the last one. They all fucked her doggies style, And they all had huge dicks, I do not think any of them were my size all large.

After they all did my housewife doggie style she came out to get something to drink, and then they started on her out in the living room, she was sucking one as one would fuck her. My housewife had dp several times, having one in her pussy, one in the ass and sucking one. Her taking the ass was a surprise as she hated that. Those guys just did her every which way. Her body was full of cum, face, legs, etc...

It was about 130, the kids get picked up at 230. She told them she had to get ready, so they lead my cheating wife into the shower, each took a turn then they left.

She went after the kids and I left the house without my cheating wife even knowing I was there.

I did not know how to react, pissed or happy .


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