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Bi Curious Personals

Hot Ads.Net presents lesbian personals section. Want to meet other lesbian or bi-curious? Join the largest lesbian personals community for free and meet lesbian women near you today! We make it easy and anonymous!

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This is a work of erotic fiction. It contains graphic sex. If this offends you, don't read it! If you're under 18, get lost. None of these people are real, just little corners of my mind that I sometimes let out to play...

I see you immediately across the dark, smoky room as I make my way onto the stage, the only female in a crowded room of men. Our eyes meet, shooting daggers at each other, locked together in a passionate stare. Your face flushes, your breathing quickens, I smile. Though I am not the only dancer on the stage, your eyes remain glued on me. I know what you're here for. My smile broadens and I begin my SEDUCTION.

The music blares out in the background but I ignore it, moving to the music in your eyes. I slowly strip off my clothes, baring myself to you, body and soul. Your eyes drink deeply of me, your desire plainly visible in them as I dance my way across the stage to you. I sway seductively back and forth in front of you, teasing you, tantalizing you. My hips churn, my nipples burn, my passion a mirror of your own. Our eyes remain locked as I descend from the stage to dance at your table, my dance only for you, ignoring the whistles and laughter from around me, they mean nothing. I notice the wedding ring on your finger, but I dismiss it. Again, I know why you are here, in this place, a place with room only for two.

I lean forward, whispering in your ear, offering a lap-dance. You stare deeply into my eyes and nod, unable to speak. I straddle you, my arms going around your neck as my weight descends upon you, pulling your head forward to rest in the valley between my breasts. I feel your body trembling as I slowly begin to grind myself against you. Your tongue darts out to taste me as I move faster and faster, my passion burning ever higher. I feel your body tense and relax as your climax comes upon you, and I realize just how hot you are, cumming just from the feel of my naked flesh rubbing against you. I kiss you deeply, whispering for you to wait for me after the show. Your eyes agree, burning me with your desire, and I walk back to the stage to finish my work.

I see you standing in the storm as I exit the building, the rain unable to quench the fire raging inside you. You seem unable to move, to go or stay. I remove the decision from you, taking your hand and leading you away from that place, taking you to a place where your fires can at last be put out. We enter the hotel room hand in hand, having never said a word on the trip here, our eyes saying all that needs to be said. Our lips join together in a fiery kiss as soon as the door closes behind us, melting into one, our passion finally allowed to be free as we begin our mutual seduction...

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