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BiSexual Personals

Hot Ads.Net presents gay dating section. Want to meet other gay, gay-curious men or bisexual male? Join the largest gay personals community for free and meet gay men near you today! The Out Personals network makes it easy and anonymous!

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Best Friends

I was waking up. Well, trying to anyway. I didn't know what the hell I was still doing here. I should have left hours ago. Everyone insisted that I say, due to the long drive back home. I had fallen asleep while Steven, Derek and I were watching some dumb movie. I was still on the couch, with a light blanket over me. I wasn't sure at first what woke me up, but coming to my senses I could hear the shower running. I guess the closing of the door woke me.

I lay on the couch but began to fidget a little. I had to relieve myself. I guess the drinks at dinner had finally caught up with me. I figured I could wait a little longer, and I wasn't going to pee outside, it was freezing out there.

I sat up on the couch and stretched, realizing that I really really had to go. I figured what the hell, I'd knock on the bathroom door. I mean all I had to do was pee. I doubted anyone would mind as long as I didn't flush without a warning.

I stood up, walked to the bathroom door and knocked. I heard something fall into the tub and figured I startled someone. I opened the door a crack, "Hey, I have to pee. I swear I'll be quick."

I poked my head in the room. The shower drape was open a tad. Steven open it more, stuck his head out and said, "Sure man, go ahead," He pulled his head back and closed the curtain.

I hurried over to the toilet and did my thing. Boy did that ever feel great. "Umm dude, I have too flush and wash my hands," I said as I drew a smiley face on the fogged mirror.

"Sure. Go on," Steven said. I quickly flushed and washed my hands. Once done I said thanks, walked out, and closed the door.

I walked through the house, to Derek's room. I wondered if he was awake or not. I figured now that I was awake and wasn't feeling tipsy, I'd drive home and pass out in my own bed.

Derek wasn't in his room. I was starting to wonder where he was. As I was standing at his doorway, I thought I heard him down the hall, just muffled a bit. I turned around and listened. I heard Steven again and figured it was just him.

Steven has a bad habit of talking to himself. He's usually trying to think of lyrics to a song, or mumbling about things he has to do later on in the day or whatnot.

I heard Derek, I was sure it was him but this time it sounded like whatever he was trying to say, was cut off. I wondered if he was on the phone in the kitchen or something.

I walked down the hall, and into the kitchen. Nope. Nothing. I checked the house again. He wasn't anywhere to be seen. I was really starting to wonder where the hell he'd gone.

I walked back to the bathroom door and knocked again. There wasn't an answer, so I opened the door slightly. "Hey Steven, do you know where Derek is? He's not in his room and I can't find him."

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