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Gay Matchmaker

Hot Ads.Net presents gay matchmaking section. Want to meet other gay or gay-curious men? Join the largest gay personals community for free and meet gay men near you today! The Out Personals network makes it easy and anonymous!

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Match Play

Jim had given me feed back on a previous story and we struck up an email correspondence. We found we had much in common: oral sex and golf. I had to make a business trip to Atlanta so we decided we would at least get together and play a round, and maybe get some golfing in too. The flight was pretty lousy and the meeting was worse, but now I had a day all to myself to relax.

Jim picked me up mid-morning at my hotel and we were off to the club. We hadn't exchanged pics, but he was nicely handsome in that maturing man mode. Hair lightly peppered with gray, like mine. His features well defined and with a few lines of distinction. It was hard for me to keep my eyes off him as we drove. Thankfully I didn't have to concentrate on driving!

We arrived with plenty of time to hit some balls before our tee-time. Good for me, as I hadn't played in months. It also gave us time to discuss our wager.

"Medal play, 9 holes per round. That way there is a chance for both of us to win," was Jim's suggestion.

"Sounds good," was my response as I shanked yet another drive off the practice range.

There were some other folks around us so we were careful not to discuss the exact nature of the stakes - a blowjob.

As we made our way to the first tee, I took a longer moment to admire my golfing/sex partner for the afternoon. He was tall and trim. Well groomed. Handsome without being either a jock or limp-wristed. You would never think of him as loving the taste of a good hard cock; then again I had heard the same said of me before too!

I watched as Jim teed up, admiring his tight round ass. (Too bad he doesn't like it that way, I thought to myself.) His form was lovely to watch as he smoothly followed through and his ball went sailing straight down the fairway. After which it was my turn to tee off. Just like the practice range, I shanked one off to the right. I turned to see Jim adjusting his cock in his pants. This might be a long afternoon at golf, but I knew we would both enjoy the outcome.

By the fifth hole I was down three. I had to half the hole or I would lose the first round. Things looked bad until Jim bladed a wedge out of the trap and I got blind damn shithouse lucky to sink a 12-footer. Payback was the next hole, a par three over the water. I made a sacrifice to the water gods with my tee shot and conceded the hole and the round.

Between the sixth and seventh holes was a bathroom. We were well ahead of the group behind us and out of sight of the clubhouse. I glanced at Jim and arched my eyebrows. Was he ready to collect on the round? Without a word, he followed me into the men's room and locked the door behind us. I fell to my knees as he unbuckled his pants and then he pulled his hardening cock out. It looked beautiful, hard and thick, filling his hand and he rubbed it against my lips. I licked the head, soft and slightly musky from our game. Jim grunted softly as my mouth closed over the head and I began to gently suck...

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