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Gay Personal Ads

Hot Ads.Net presents gay personals section. Want to meet other gay or gay-curious men? Join the largest gay personals community for free and meet gay men near you today! The Out Personals network makes it easy and anonymous!

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Another Side of Friendship

I've always considered myself totally heterosexual, and never even considered a sexual experience with another guy. That was until I began surfing the net. I began to find sites like this and others which had stories and pictures posted of men enjoying other men sexually. I began to think about it more and more, and for the first time in my life fantasized about other men while masturbating. Since watching women masturbate was always my biggest turn-on, it only seemed natural that the thought of men masturbating might also excite me... I was right.

After almost a year of exploring on the Web and in MforM chatrooms, I knew that I somehow had to experience something in real life. But I certainly didn't want to do it with a stranger.

The person I looked to was my best friend Tim. I would soon discover that Tim fit the description of the type of guy that excited me from my on-line experiences. He was thin, with nice muscle tone, but not considered built, he had dark hair a nice tan and had a completely smooth chest and stomach and hardly any hair on his legs. Even though we had been friends since high school (now in our early 20's) I had never seen him totally nude. I was becoming increasingly curious.

Even though we're very close, I found it very difficult to bring up the subject. I did it as subtlety as possible; one day while surfing the net together I "accidently" stumbled upon the M/M stories posted on your page. I purposely went to the hottest ones and pretended to read them for the first time with him.

I kind of said very casually after reading them that I couldn't believe that they were actually a "bit" of a turn-on.(In reality I was ready to explode just discussing it with him). I asked him if he ever thought about sex with a guy, and after some initial denying it, he did confess to dreaming about it once in a while. I told him I thought it might be interesting under the right circumstances.

Well, the right circumstances came about a month later. We were at his house, it was a very hot day and we were swimming in his pool. I had just finished some laps and I crawled up into the floating pool lounge to catch some sun while Tim continued to swim. As I laid in the very hot sun, I began to watch Tim in the pool. I couldn't believe how much I was getting turned on watching his very smooth body slice through the blue water. It actually scared me a little, because I really didn't want to be bisexual; I love girls.

I couldn't resist the urge though; as he swam by me I extended my leg out, pushing it into his back, pretending to hold him under. I was just dying to feel his skin under my own, even if it was my foot. He swam out from under me and fought back, overturning my lounge bringing me into the water with him. We started underwater wrestling, and I purposely fought hard just to hold on to him. The smell of the chlorine on top of his skin was intoxicating. I was going crazy.

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A web portal for people who are, or have interest in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community and offers sexy web cam, entertainment, local personal ads, personal blogs and chat rooms.

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