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Lesbian Ads

Hot Ads.Net presents lesbian personals section. Want to meet other lesbian or bi-curious? Join the largest lesbian personals community for free and meet lesbian women near you today! We make it easy and anonymous!

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A Drive to the Wild Side

Well, I finally graduated from college. Not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, I got a job as a secretary in a law firm. The hours were long, the pay so-so, but there was a good group of people working there and the office was just a few blocks from the beach. Most days I didn't have time for lunch, but on particularly nice days when the work load was not too intense I'd take a break and eat in the park overlooking the Pacific. I usually went with a bunch of the girls from work and ogled the surfers as they took their boards out into the waves. I gradually became friendly with the girls—especially Adrienne, a cute little blond a couple of years older than me.

On Fridays, Adrienne and I started having a drink at one of the local bars after work to unwind and wait out the commute. We really hit it off. She made me laugh and I enjoyed her company. I looked forward to our times together. We started hanging out more and more, extending the drinks on Fridays into dinner, occasionally making plans for an outing on the weekends. She didn't seem to have many other friends, although I couldn't understand why. I was rather lonely myself, with my college friends having moved on and no boyfriend on the horizon. We became close.

One weekend we decided to drive up the coast early Saturday morning to Santa Barbara and rent a hotel room for the night. I picked her up around 9 AM. With the sun shining and the top down in my new Miata, we felt like a couple of classic California beach bunnies, with bikini tops on and hair blowing in the wind. We arrived in Santa Barbara before noon and had lunch at a restaurant on the beach. After a couple of glasses of wine and some fresh seafood, we wandered around the town, poking into the art galleries to check out paintings we could not afford.

Later that afternoon, we checked into a hotel and into our room. It was a small hotel, overlooking the ocean. Our room had a balcony with an old two seat porch swing. We opened another bottle of wine and sat on the swing watching the Pacific open up before us. We were quiet. Worn out from the sun, Adrienne moved closer to me, leaned over, and rested her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her, pulling her closer to me. We sat there a long time, just cuddling, watching the waves. It was wonderful.

As the sun started to set, I couldn't sit still any longer and stood up, reluctantly parting from Adrienne. I stood at the railing, looking out. Adrienne soon joined me, standing very close. She put her arm through mine, quite naturally, although this afternoon on the swing was the first time we'd ever given each other more than an occasional hug hello or goodbye. As we stood there watching the sun turn red, I turned toward her, took her face in my hands, and gently kissed her cute little mouth. She seemed surprised at first, but then eagerly kissed me back, slipping me her tongue. Emboldened, I embraced her with both arms, pulling her against me, and kissed her more passionately.

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