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Lesbian Dating

Hot Ads.Net presents lesbian personals section. Want to meet other lesbian or bi-curious? Join the largest lesbian personals community for free and meet lesbian women near you today! We make it easy and anonymous!

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Heather starts massaging and playing with my breasts. Teasing my nipples with her tongue then gently rubbing her teeth on them. Making me crazy with longing. She starts kissing my neck and nibbling my ears. She makes her way to my mouth and kisses me sweetly, shyly at first. Before long she's probing my mouth with her tongue. She's just getting me hotter by the second. I feel her hand sliding up my thighs to my now dripping wet pussy.

I gently grab her hand before she can touch me.

"I've got plans for you." I say.

She looks at me with lust in her eyes but does not utter a word of protest as I maneuver her onto her back and start to undress her. Before long, Heather is naked in front of me. Before we met, we talked about what we like and don't like in the bedroom so what I have planned is on her like list.

"Close your eyes" I tell her. She readily complies.

I get out my blindfold and scarves. I tie the blindfold across her eyes. She tenses at first but then quickly relaxes. I tie the scarves around her wrists and tie them to the headboard. I tie her feet next and then she is ready and all mine. I leave the room for a minute and retrieve some items from the fridge. Chocolate sauce, strawberries, whipped cream - the perfect combination. I head back to the bedroom with my items.

First I tease her with the strawberry and rub it around her lips. Then I trace my way down her body with it. Pausing to rub her nipples with it. She moans with longing and anticipation. I continue down her body towards her waiting pussy that is absolutely drenched with her wetness. I rub the strawberry lightly on her clit. Her back arches and she moans. I trace a path down to her opening and lightly push it inside she moans again. I take it out and trace that same path back up her body. I again trace her lips and then command her to suck on the strawberry as if it's my clit. She does so obediently. Watching her is turning me on again but this is not about me. I take the strawberry from her mouth and put it aside. I trace her lips with my tongue and then kiss her for a minute before pulling away.

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Lesbian Personals in USA

A web portal for people who are, or have interest in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community and offers sexy web cam, entertainment, local personal ads, personal blogs and chat rooms.

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