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Lesbian Personal Ads

Hot Ads.Net presents lesbian personals section. Want to meet other lesbian or bi-curious? Join the largest lesbian personals community for free and meet lesbian women near you today! We make it easy and anonymous!

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The Fantasy

It was late in the evening and I was all alone. I lay in my bed waiting to go to sleep. My mind started to wander toward sexual thoughts. It had been some time since I had gotten any sex. I wanted to see if I could arouse myself enough to make myself cum.

I had been thinking of one of my fantasies. One in which another woman and I got together for a night of sexual teasing and orgasmic release. I recall it beginning one night just like this one.

I had just gotten home from a hard day at the office. My feet were killing me and I had to soak my feet. I went to the bathroom to draw a bath for them. I went back to my room to get out of these clothes and get ready for the bath. I was walking out of my room and heading for the bathroom when the doorbell rang. Just a minute I called. I ran back in my room for my silk robe. It was the first one I could get to. I put it on and my nipples began to get aroused right on cue. This always happens when I wear this robe. I got to the door and looked out to see who it was. It was my girlfriend Jean. I opened the door to let her inside. Hey Jean, I said what brings you over tonight?

I was lonely and decided to come by to see what you were up to. I guess I caught you at a bad time. I can come back another time if you wish, she said.

No, it is fine I was just going to take a bath but it can wait. She noticed my nipples and commented on how they poked through the robe in a very sexual way. I reached down and rubbed them through the robe and she responded in the same way by rubbing hers too. I was shocked at doing this because I have never let another woman see me turning myself on.

As I lay in the bed recalling this fantasy I started to rub my hardening nipples and breasts. I exposed them from under the covers and began to gently suck on them. This started to feel very good.

Getting back to the fantasy, I decided to take a big chance and I asked her if she wanted to take a bath with me. To my surprise she agreed and we went into the bedroom for her to get undressed. I dropped my robe and turned around to watch her undress. She was very sexy and it turned me on to be able to watch her like this. She removed her shirt and bra and her own breasts fell free. They were gorgeous and the nipples were hard too. She continued to undress and she unbuttoned her trousers. She was wearing a little thong and her neatly shaved pussy was outlined nicely. I thought I would just cream on myself when she removed the thong. You could see her glistening pussy all puffy and wet. She exclaimed she was ready for the bath and we went into the bathroom. By now the bath water was cool, so I had to drain it and draw hotter water. She was sitting on the toilet seat and playing with herself. I just knew that when I bent over she was starring at my cute ass. When the tub finished filling, I asked her to get in and she did. Now it was my turn to stare at her ass. It was very firm and definitely shapely. We both entered the tub and it was crowded. It took us a little bit to find comfortable positions. When we had gotten set in the tub we started to feel each other. I placed my hands on her breasts and cupped them gently...

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