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Lesbian Singles

Hot Ads.Net presents lesbian personals section. Want to meet other lesbian or bi-curious? Join the largest lesbian personals community for free and meet lesbian women near you today! We make it easy and anonymous!

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Discovered Desires

Dark Auburn waves cascaded along exposed shoulders framing a heart shaped face. Long eyelashes drew attention to hazel colored eyes that could easily captivate any man’s gaze. A beautiful smile graced the lips of the bewitching siren having a drink at the bar. Gabrielle was a beautiful, desirable, sexy woman who could effortlessly seduce any man. Her slender body possessed womanly curves that would make any man appreciative. She wore a black, halter-top dress with a plunging neckline, which drew attention to her round, pert breasts. The silky fabric floated above her curvaceous contours. The flirtatious hemline revealed her lean, sexy legs.

Gabrielle slowly walked back toward the dance floor. Her best friend, Ana, had taken her to “Latin Night” at Vincent’s nightclub. Gabrielle loved the Latin rhythm of the music. She enjoyed watching the way the people moved. It was so erotic and so sensual. Ana had equated dancing salsa to making-love. Gabrielle had to admit the way Ana’s body moved it made her want to make-love. Ana’s long chocolate locks freely flowed to her waist. Her face was oval shaped, her eyes were wide and espresso colored with a hint of honey. She had a small nose with a rounded tip accentuated by her high cheekbones. She had a caramel complexion that Gabrielle secretly envied. Ana had an hourglass figure with ample breasts a small waist and wide hips. She certainly had a body made to entice and seduce.

Ana noticed Gabrielle standing alone just watching. She walked toward her and took her by the hand. She led her to the dance floor. Gabrielle initially felt awkward, unsure of how she should move. Ana showed her how to sway her hips. Gabrielle had natural rhythm and moved well despite her initial shyness. They danced in close proximity, which made Gabrielle feel flushed. She couldn’t take her eyes off of the seductive almost hypnotic way Ana’s hips moved to the beat. She could imagine how she would use her hips while she was making-love. Gabrielle blushed realizing she was having such an intimate thought about her friend.

Gabrielle felt energized despite the fact it was getting late. She enjoyed dancing and even more watching Ana dance. Gabrielle noted Ana was more bubbly than usual. She imagined it was a combination of the atmosphere and the strawberry margaritas she had been drinking throughout the evening. Gabrielle sat at one of the few tables near the dance floor. Ana came over quite upset. Her dance partner had tried to grope her while they were dancing. She slapped him and made it very clear she had no interest in being his latest conquest. Her cheeks were flushed and her bottom lip quivered just a bit. Gabrielle couldn’t help thinking how utterly sexy she looked. She couldn’t really blame the guy for making a move on her. She was a very sexy and very desirable woman. Ana was still upset and asked Gabrielle if she would mind leaving earlier than planned. Gabrielle agreed without hesitation. As they drove back to Ana’s apartment they began talking about men. Ana vocalized how she hated the way men treated her sometimes. It was as though they were only focused on her body. Gabrielle agreed men could be one tracked when it came to women.

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