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Queer Personals

Hot Ads.Net presents gay personals section. Want to meet other gay or gay-curious men? Join the largest gay personals community for free and meet gay men near you today! The Out Personals network makes it easy and anonymous!

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My Happy Life

was so happy with my life. I was ending the weekend with my lover in the Smokey Mountains. He rented a cabin with a wonderful view. We hardly left the cabin. We made love in every room. This was the weekend I longed for. Steve told his wife he was going to a sales conference. He called me and said she wouldn't be able to go and he had arranged it where I could go if I wanted too. This weekend was absolutely heaven.

Steve had gone to the meetings Friday and was going back this afternoon just to get his credentials stamped. I was in the shower when I heard a noise in the living room. I thought that Steve must have forgotten something. I slipped my pink silk robe back on and opened the bathroom door.

"Uuugh," I gasped. I started to shut the door but the big hand stopped the door from closing. It was my best friend, Jason, Steve's son.

"What the hell are you doing dressed like that?" he screamed at me. "Shit! Shit! Shit! Damnit! Mom said he was fucking around on her with someone. Don't tell he is queer too." He shouted.

"J-Jas---Jason let me explain." I stuttered.

"Hell, Ray there ain't shit to explain! My dad is a fucking queer and he is fucking my best friend!"

I didn't know what to say. I sat down on the edge of the hot tub and just looked at the ground. I had probably just ruined the lives of some of the people I cared most about.

Jason turned and left me there. I was crying. Why did this have to happen to me? I should have turned Steve down the first time we were alone. But I wanted him. I had lusted for him since I was sixteen. Now, I was finally getting what I wanted. I knew Steve would never leave his wife and two wonderful kids. I did know how to please him and he was a wonderful lover. That was all I wanted to be his lover. Now I probably ruined that and the great friendship Jason and I had. We have been best friends since junior high school. I was able to make through high school because of our friendship. He was like a big brother to me. He would stand up for me whenever I needed him to.

"Ray, come here. Let's talk." He called me from the bedroom. I walked into the bedroom. Jason was standing and motioned me to sit on the edge of the bed. I tried to cover myself. But there wasn't enough material to make a difference...

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