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Mail Order Brides

If you are single and looking for international dating service, or want to find a Ukranian bride or meet a soul mate girl from Russia, choose Hot-Ads.Com now!!!

(Over 19 millions active members!!!!)

Contacting a Woman:

These suggestions result from numerous emails and talks with women about what they will, and what they won't respond to.

1) ' Go beyond standard bar 'pick-up' lines.

2) Don't send a standard 'Form letter' recipients are usually unimpressed by lack of effort, and you probably won't hear back from them.

3) Give More Information Share more personal information about yourself than contained in your ad.

4) Essential Information. Include your personal ad mailbox number so she can check out your description, mug and voice.

5) Patience and Persistence. Women lead busy lives! She might be out of town, her ISP server down, the computer crashed, or snowed under by kids and business paperwork for a week after you write. Wait awhile, then write back, mention your first e.mail, and include the fact that you are really interested in her.

6) A closing statement which conveys best wishes for happiness whether she chooses to respond to your email or not, speaks volumes about the sender.

Women's Ads:

Ladies, prepare to be deluged with more suitors than you ever dreamed possible! Internet dating is still male-dominated, and this time, that's to your advantage!

Certain facts about men and women are not going to change, and that most men will look first for a pretty face, is one of them. So, if you are looking for a man who is interested in YOU...your mind, heart and spirit, in addition to your gorgeous mug, then your ad must be crafted to attract the type of man you seek.

So, who are you and what do you want? Think about it. Make a list of everything that is important to you. This may take some time, but time worth spending. A few hours, days or even weeks is but a mere blip in the overall scheme of things when compared to spending years in misery with an incompatible man, or a lifetime with your soul mate. Opt for the latter and do your homework!

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