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Gay Dating Articles

Finding Other Gay People to Date

by : Kelvin Smith


No matter where you live, a lot of gay people would like to meet others like them for relationships without resorting to using the online personal sites. Whether you are newly ‘out’ and don’t have many gay acquaintances, live in a relatively small town or are isolated from meeting new people in some way, you share a problem with more people than you think. Here are a few tips from others that have found successful ways to meet other gay people.

Look for signs that there could be a few gays lingering in your area. See if a nearby University or college has a major arts program. Check for a movie house that shows independent or alternative films. While these establishments aren’t absolute substantiation of a gay community, they are likely to increase the chance of a few gays being in the area.

Check out the local phone book for gay bars and gay bookstores. You are more than likely to find one of either listed in the area. If you are lucky enough to have a gay bookstore available to you, not only is it a place to potentially meet someone; it can be a great resource in itself. Most gay bookstores have a bulletin board with local social events, support groups and other activities of interest to the gay community. You might even come across the occasional personal ad posted as well.

The employees will know of the local gay ‘hangouts’ and events. Ask about gay events in the area from parades to social clubs. Also, ask if they offer “Pink Pages”. “Pink Pages” are similar to the Yellow Pages but are geared toward the gay and lesbian community. Depending on the size of you area’s population, it can range from the size of a pamphlet to a small book.

Also, you can try looking for “Pink Pages” through the search engine of your choice. Many will break down their information relative to specific regions or even cities. Finally, it might be good to locate the local Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). You can visit to find out where the closest local chapter is located.

Once you begin your low profile research, you will find the places to go that suit you. Use these resources to at least open the door to more opportunities to meet other gays in your area.

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