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Gay Dating Articles

Its Friday night- everyones coming out

by : Steve Furlong


As a gay single, options sometimes seem nil when it comes to meeting someone, somewhere. Anywhere. Especially if you reside in a smaller town. But, there are options to meet someone, maybe your soul mate, in person. Here is a glimpse on where to meet other gay singles.

Local College or University
Think about what local colleges and universities there are in your area, and then think about which ones offer programs in the fine arts. Chances are, and we’re not stereotyping here, there will be some gay students. Check out the campus website or better yet, visit the campus and check out bulletin boards for listings of upcoming performances. Then, attend them. Those performing, as well as those in the audience may be gay- so enjoy the performance, but do also turn on your gaydar. See where the cast, crew and friends are going after the show. Better yet, see when and where the cast party will be.

Gay Book Store
Depending on your locale, you may or may not have one of these. If there is one nearby, or within a reasonable drive to a larger city, make a visit. Not only will you find some books and magazines that suit your reading interests, but you can also check out those checking out the selection. Perhaps there will also be a bulletin board that is chock-full of announcement for events that pertain to the gay community, giving you more opportunities to meet more people.

Gay Bars
This one seems obvious, but many of these bars are not really publicized. In fact, there is a gay bar next door to a big nightclub in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Although I had been to the neighboring club frequently, not knowing many gay people in the area, I was oblivious to its existence. Some local yellow pages may have them listed under alternative lifestyle headings, some yellow pages in more conservative areas may not offer that as an option. If you are not sure if there are any in your area, look into the above two options to see where those in attendance go.

Pink Pages
Think of the yellow pages. Only, rather than listing businesses by specialty, you can let your fingers do the walking though a directory filled with contact information for individuals and businesses in the GLBT community. At, there are links to pink pages for the greater Boston area, as well as other New England states. Another site, features content for Chicago, Seattle, New York, Denver and Los Angeles, with links to national listings. A quick Google search will turn up thousands of results, so tailor a search to your own city or state.

Gay Businesses/Professional Associations
In addition, if you do fancy yellow, there is an on-line yellow page service that lists gay-friendly businesses in select American and foreign cities- all places that you could meet someone while shopping or getting a service done. The site, which can be accessed at, also lists link to GLBT chamber of commerce’s. Attending a mixer at one of these chamber events is a wonderful way to meet someone professional and smart.

PFLAG is the Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. They are the biggest supporters of those in the gay community, and serve as advocates for many issues. Their website offers a wealth of information to help you with things like civil rights, education, hate crimes and more. There is a place to find your local chapter, and once you do that, you can contact your local group to see how you can get involved with a group who celebrates your diversity.

So, that gives you an idea of how to get there. The rest is up to you. So, put on your hottest outfit and sexiest cologne and get ready to meet someone.

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