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Jewish Dating Articles

Jewish Dating Today

by : Nathalie Medrano


I am a Jew and Iím proud to say it.

As a Jew, we find it hard, especially in the past, to find our mate. But so does everybody else. Looking for your perfect mate is one of the greatest challenges in life. And without these challenges, our existence would not be worthwhile.

As for searching for the perfect mate, not only Jews, but everyone has felt one way or another that finding the right person to share your life with is daunting. Dating therefore seems to become a task rather than an enjoyable experience when taken into this context. It used to give me migraines just thinking about the next date and the next person I thought I had similarities with.

I was finally able to breathe a little better when I found out about online dating. Yes, online dating.

I know that we often have misconceptions about dating online or finding your mate in the Internet. But do you know that thatís where I finally found my perfect match?

After many heartaches and meeting people with characteristics that I find intolerable, I finally found someone.

My wife and I were able to meet because of a Jewish-dating site. And after the first one, weíre dating exclusively until the day that we finally tied the knot. And with pure luck, my wife was just living in the next town where I live. If it werenít for that dating site I would not be able to find my mate.

I found online dating more acceptable because after looking for my match by trial-and-error, it was easier for me because I was able to know ahead of time that the people Iím going to meet are also Jewish like me. We have the same beliefs and respect for God and other people. Our values mirror those of each otherís values.

Even my workplace did not give me much assistance like what I was able to get from the dating site. I was even able to fine-tune my search to specific age group, single or divorced, race, location and even the jobs and careers. And the best part is I already know Iím talking to a Jew because I was able to find that person in a Jewish Dating site.

My wife and I had a wonderful time dating. So could you if you will be able to know beforehand what youíre getting into.

Try dating online now. Meeting your mate may just be the most wonderful experience in your whole lifetime.

Articles provided by Jewish Dating247

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