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I am a single female and I will be single for a while. However the fact I am single doesn't mean that I don't need men in my life. Of course I do, (and more then one) but not for a mate. I am a straight woman and I need men for sex. So why not get one that is married? Because I have great appetite for sex with different kinds of men... Some people say to find a sexual partner is easy for a woman. They think, women - single or married - just have to walk into to the first bar or night club, and more than a few males will be willing to serve her needs. Maybe they are right, but I am talking about a competitive sex partner for quality sex. To find a competitive male sex partner not that simple for a single women. By the way no woman should looking for sex partner in a regular bar, except if she is looking for a one night stand.

The website like this or the swingers club is the best place to find experienced male lovers.

First I would place an ad and because a picture tells more than a 1000 words I always place an photo ad with a text something like: "Single woman looking for a single guy for casual sex. Contact me with photo only. G rated okay." Plus I explain clearly what I like and what I want. Usually I get few hundred replies in a two weeks time period. Two weeks might produce 4 good replies. All the others are just a waste of the time. They fail for simple reasons.

I always make it clear what I want and what I don't, and what I like and what I don't. I guess a few of the guys don't read my ad until the end. They wrote something like this: "I have got a 10 inches long and 6 inches thick cock, and I can go all night long". A 10 inch long cock is very nice, but I am not looking for guy with a 10 inch cock. I asked contact with picture only and they did not attach a picture of themselves. I don't deal with replies like this.

A 10 inch cock is nice, but for me the size is not everything. Maybe there are women who don't care about the guys, only if they have extra large dick. But I care more about the guy's human value, than his dick. I like guys who introduce themselves with a few friendly words and let me know what they like and don't, their location etc. They prove that, they have read my ad and they can provide those things that I looking for. Also they attach a G rated pictures. If they have a 10 inches cock, I will find out it anyway when the times comes....


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