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Friends with benefits, Swingers Sex, Polyamory, or just fuck buddies
Within the “Life Style” there are many different levels of participation from nudism to various fetishes and sexy dress all that may or may not involve sex with others or even in a shared room. Then there is a variety of physical contact, sexual and intimate contact and exchanges that can vary from simple touching to the complete swapping of mates/spouse from a few hours to include a few days with out the other mate/spouse ever being present.

It is also surprising how many, mostly in the younger crowd, practice oral or manual sex as a simple handshake, as a favor you do for a friend in need or even as the winnings of a bet but not count this as swinging because that would be disgusting or cheating. There is also more of an emergence of intimate friends or “fuck buddies”. It has taken the place of casual one night stands and with the emergence of more dangerous STDs and STIs seems to be perceived by those who participate in it as a much safer practice.

This isn’t really something new. Friendship sex or casual sex between adults usually older and more experienced in life has been around since the beginning of time. Why life without any physical contact when you can share with another but without the constraints and legalities of marriage? What is a bit different is the appearance that within the younger crowd, High School thru early thirties that this is some how much more accepted and practiced openly and casually yet the mere mention of swinging will bring comments of disgust and condemnation from the same crowd.

Alternative lifestyles have been in exsistance for centuries but not always a golden blessing and acceptance to the history books. Currently it is more accepted but with a turned back in most of society. But with the emergence of freedom from the kitchen and diapers for women and thier increased participation in the career work force different levels of living do have thier place and best use. Living with multiple loves isn't new but certianly is on the increase and more public with each passing year and generational participation.


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